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Flowers are on their way to bloom
Birds do twitter in the sky
You see
The sea &
The sky
Are blue
Love is the essence of life
And I am on my way to you!

I Had My Tears Dried

First, I needed to cry
In utter pain
On every shoulder
I cried my eyes out
I cried
On every shoulder
That was available
I found – all
I found – pity
Not mercy.

Then, I went to cry
At His doors
I laid my heart
On to the ground
I knocked
‘I’m here’
I found
My heart was in His hands
I had myself
Veiled from pain
Soaked in mercy
And, with ‘Love’,

Born In Spring

I love my days in Spring
All life all young all new
The stars
That were too far

Shine in the dark for me
The skies
That were all fear
Now smile clear smiles to me
The sea
That was so wide so wild
Now holds my eyes holds me
But doesn’t it seem so strange
with people here and there
with all the hearts that beat
I cheer as if all were done for me
And feel – from head to feet –
I feel it all is mine?

No nothing strange
It’s He
His givings have no range

How thank you God
Who gives with care
Who gives me all as mine
And gives it everybody everywhere

Oh Fair
Who makes for every heart a share

It’s not the spring I love it’s You

True God who makes the dead anew…

My Brother

My brother
Is my son
He is my elder brother
And yet
He is
My smallest

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